Support for biogas feasibility studies


Support for biogas feasibility studies

Target audience:

  • Farmers, farmers’ groups
  • Companies
  • Local public companies
  • Public institutions
  • Local authorities and authority groups
  • Associations
  • Projects led by central government, the Départements and their operatives are excluded

Each beneficiary may only receive aid on one occasion, unless expanding an existing unit or transferring a project due to external factors.


  • To contribute to attaining the objectives of the SRCAE regional plans for the climate, air and energy
  • To replace fossil energy
  • To reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • To support the production of renewable energy
  • To improve air quality
  • To create economic activity
  • To improve project economic returns

Type:zero-interest repayable advance

Section : investissement fonctionnement

Maximum rate: 50% for large companies, 60% for medium-sized companies and 70% for other beneficiaries.
Eligible costs are capped at €30,000 exc. VAT

Note:aid provided equally by ADEME and the Grand Est region, only a single grant application required, to be submitted to and processed by the Grand Est region.