Near-surface geothermal energy support


Near-surface geothermal energy support

Target audience:

  • Regional authorities, authority associations and their contractors
  • Associations
  • Companies, including farms, freelance professionals, large retail, tourist sector professionals
  • Social landlords
  • Co-ownership properties
  • Participatory and social projects


  • Private individuals in a personal capacity
  • Property developers
  • Projects led by central government, the Départements and their operatives


  • To contribute to attaining the objectives of the SRCAE regional plans for the climate, air and energy
  • To reduce the use of fossil energy
  • To reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • To develop the production of renewable energy
  • To develop the geothermal sector in the Grand Est region

For studies:

Section: investment

Maximum rate: 50% for large companies, 60% for medium-sized companies and 70% for other beneficiaries.

Maximum eligible calculation base: €50,000

For investments – geothermal energy of less than 70 MWh renewables per year for groundwater and ground probes and geothermal energy of less than 120 MWh renewables per year for wastewater

Type: grant

Section: investment

Maximum rate:
For local authorities: 40%, 45% or 50% depending on the financial potential and fiscal effort of the municipality depending on the stratum
For other beneficiaries: 50% (45% for large companies)