Each year, the Grand Est region supports numerous innovative projects relating to the bioeconomy which create value and jobs within its territory. The bioeconomy portal is a collaborative tool, highlighting here a certain number of the projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to tell us about your project and have it presented on the portal.

The Grand Est Region supports the forestry and wood industry

On the occasion of the Permanent Commission of November 19, 2021, the Region voted to support several projects in an agro-ecological, technological and digital transition.

The Virage Project

To coordinate 60 economic development and technological innovation projects through collective governance between economic and R&D stakeholders in the Grand Est region.


To develop a new range of oenological tannins meeting the expectations of users and end consumers.

Industrial Project RESOLUTE

ReSolute will build factories at an industrial scale to convert waste cellulosic biomass into safe, environmentally friendly chemicals with applications across diverse industrial as a key part of the circular economy.

Européenne de Biomasse HPCI PROJECT

To create a new sector for French renewable energies with the launch of a HPCI© biofuel manufacturing plant.

3BR Project: Biomolecules and biomaterials for the regional bioeconomy

To develop new multi-commercialisation sectors for regional agri-resources, to create synergies between researchers and between the academic and socio-economic worlds.

Project: BIODEMO

To make available a demonstration unit for white biotechnology processes substantiating the industrial potential of plants.

Project: Professions and qualifications campus “Plant-based biorefining and industrial biotechnologies in the Grand Est region”

To commercialise the industrial biotechnologies sector by actively guiding training, encouraging the raising of qualification levels and facilitating professional integration.

Project : People & Trees

To propose new forms of cooperation where “people and trees serve each other’s interests”, to promote a sustainable and high-performance regional wood sector.

Project: DINAMHySE

To stimulate and accelerate development of the hydrogen sector in the Grand Est region.

Project: ExtraForEst

To assess the quantity and quality of the chemical substances in the main varieties in the regions of Grand Est and Bourgogne Franche-Comté in order to supply potential new markets.

Project: Futurol

To develop and introduce to the market a process and new technologies for the production of competitive and sustainable cellulosic bioethanol.

Project: Impact Biomolecules

To produce new functionalised and vectorised biomolecules for the following markets: agro-chemicals, biocontrol, agri-food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and medicine.

Project: Mutatio

To reduce the use of petrochemicals in the design of construction materials and to replace it with biobased raw materials.

Project: European Hemp Centre

To bring together and federate all operators in the hemp sector in order to become the European benchmark region in the field.

Project: Sauté végétal

To develop an intermediate food product as a meat substitute based on plant proteins (wheat and chick pea).

Project: Sinfoni

To federate the national supply chain of Flax and Hemp Plant-based Technical Fibres for use as Materials.

Project: Sylfeed

To create a new integrated value chain from “forest to feed”.

Project: Terrasolis

To create a research and innovation centre of excellence for the production of sustainable agricultural resources.

Industrial project AFYREN NEOXY

To build the first factory implementing AFYREN’s Technology and know-how, dedicated to produce a family of 7 organic acids.

Industrial project METEX NØØVISTA

To industrialise the Metex’s process for the production of biobased PDO (1.3 Propanediol) and BA (Butyric Acid)

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