3BR Project: Biomolecules and biomaterials for the regional bioeconomy


3BR Project: Biomolecules and biomaterials for the regional bioeconomy

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2020 – 2023


The 3BR project (Biomolecules and Biomaterials for the Regional Bioeconomy) was launched in 2020 as part of the Research Cooperation Regional Fund call for projects. It was awarded funding of €2.5m and is being led by Stéphane DESOBRY of the LiBio biomolecule engineering laboratory at the University of Lorraine and by Bernard KUREK of the FARE agri-resources fractionation and environment laboratory at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne. The objective of 3BR is to develop new multi-commercialisation channels for regional agri-resources.

The project is focused on 3 main plant resources and sectors in the Grand Est region: hops, hemp and oilseed meal, employing a circular economy and zero waste approach. Combining both the fundamentals and practical applications, this research project covers the entire value chain: production, fractionation, biomolecule purification, biomaterials development, energy recovery and soil amendment. The models to be developed will lead to the definition of a “benchmark” approach for bioeconomy systems at the national and international level, which can subsequently be exploited in other sectors.

3BR brings together a significant majority of the region’s bioeconomy players operating in agri-food and biorefining, with unique firepower provided by 27 research laboratories, 3 research federations, 2 competitiveness clusters, 3 Carnot institutes, 1 biomolecule research network under the LUE IMPACT project and industrial companies operating in the bioeconomy sector. The project strives to create synergies between researchers and between the academic and socio-economic worlds.


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