The Virage Project


The Virage Project

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Category :
Bioresources, Agriculture

2021 – 2027




The challenges of the Business Act Grand Est can be read through 40 structuring projects in the territories. Among these 40 projects, the VIRAGE program aims at the economic development of territories creating value and local jobs for and through agricultural, forestry and agri-food innovation in the Grand Est region.



Its main issue is to accelerate and amplify the contributions of French agriculture to the challenges of tomorrow through innovation. The objective is to engage 50% of farms in a transition process. By 2025, 5,000 farms will benefit from this program.



The VIRAGE program is the result of a collaborative and multilateral approach between actors of 3 ecosystems:

  • agri-agro-forestry professionals,
  • innovation and industry,
  • public policies and funding decided by the Grand Est governance.

The VIRAGE project is a strategy sharing various environmental, health, societal
and economic objectives. By 2030, this strategy should be translated into concrete, pragmatic and operational projects of experimentation, thanks to numerous innovations, on the Grand Est territory.

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