Industrial Project RESOLUTE


Industrial Project RESOLUTE

Chemistry of renewable resources and industrial biotechnologies

October 2020 – September 2023



The ReSolute project’s overall objective is to create a first of its kind industrial plant and downstream value chain for the adoption of 99% pure Cyrene™ – a non-toxic solvent made from certified, renewable, waste cellulosic biomass, which is a high performing alternative to NMP, DMF and DMAc. The plant will be sited in the Grand-Est Region (France) and will scale-up the current Cyrene™ production process to achieve 1,000 metric tons of output per year. ReSolute brings together 11 key actors from 6 European countries representing the entire value chain, from feedstock to market uptake.

The project will be carried out over 36 months, from October 2020 to September 2023.

With an overall budget of € 23M including €11.6 M funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC).



“ReSolute is the result of hard work developing Circa’s proprietary technology over many years, of supportive investors and National and European sustainability vision. Circa selected this site because it has the right conditions for success – availability of feedstock, infrastructures in the heart of Europe, close to our customers, the ability to retrofit existing buildings and the possibility of green electricity, steam, hydrogen and other utilities needed to make our lower carbon, sustainable products. The region has a longstanding mining and manufacturing history, combined with strong R&D support from regional Universities that Circa has worked with for several years. For Circa and the region this is an exciting development.“ Circa’s CEO, Tony Duncan

The preparatory work for ReSolute’s plant has begun. It will be set up on the site of an old coal-fired power station near Carling Saint-Avold in north-eastern France. The ReSolute plant supports the region’s plan to transition from a fossil-based industry to a more sustainable, greener, and low-carbon economy that provides skilled jobs in clean technologies.

To mark the start of the preparatory work for the ReSolute plant in the Moselle region of France, French Minister of State for Industry, Agnès Pannier-Runacher visited the site in December 2021. She was joined by key regional and local government officials. “This project bears witness to the industrial transformation of our country. Here in Carling, we will move from using coal for energy to low-carbon biomass heat and we will move from fossil-based chemistry to bio-based chemistry. By decarbonising the very fabric of our industry, we make it more sustainable but also more competitive and less vulnerable to price fluctuations in raw materials. Our efforts in Carling also show how, on an industrial area, we can reindustrialise and attract new companies by working collectively with companies from the platform and making the most of the key sites we have. It’s a real local dynamic which has started in the Warndt Naborien which we will continue to capitalise on.” (Unofficial translation of the Minister’s French quote) French Minister of State for Industry, Agnès Pannier Runacher



Circa has been awarded €8.2 million from the French government for the development of the ReSolute plant in Eastern France as part of the ‘France Relance’ programme.

We are continually impressed by France’s commitment to building a more sustainable, more self-sufficient, low-carbon economy. This latest Relance grant is recognition of our progress and vision and provides another layer of support for ReSolute, which Circa has received both directly and indirectly from regional and national organisations, and our community of stakeholders.” irca’s CEO, Tony Duncan


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