Project: European Hemp Centre


Project: European Hemp Centre

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Biobased materials

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  • 3C GE (Hemp Construction Collective – Grand Est)

To bring together and federate all operators in the hemp sector – the objective of the European Hemp Centre launched in November 2018. On order to structure and support the development of the hemp sector, identified as a sector for the future, a collaborative initiative was established by Troyes Champagne metropolitan council based on the La Chanvrière cooperative in Saint-Lyé, with the support of the IAR cluster. It culminated in the European Hemp Centre, a project conducted via an Operational Group under the European Innovation Partnership scheme and financed by the EAFRD and the Grand Est region. The goal is to become a benchmark territory in Europe within this ecosystem. The hemp sector is therefore set to become a sector of excellence generating business activity and jobs, as hemp offers certain technical and economic benefits to meet the new industrial, environmental and social demands in fields as varied as composites, automotive, construction, textiles, agri-food and cosmetics.


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