Européenne de Biomasse HPCI PROJECT


Européenne de Biomasse HPCI PROJECT

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Energy transition and renewable energy

Implementation period:
2023 – 2024



1. An ecological transition and energy autonomy
· HPCI®, a 100% renewable energy biofuel, replaces oil, gas, and coal.
2. An ecological and efficient industrial project
· No rubbish, no noise, no smell.
· Industrial heat that can be shared locally with other industries.
· A significant contribution to the achievement of France’s environmental objectives: reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, reduction of fossil fuel imports.
3. A circular economy. Creation of jobs that cannot be relocated.
· Valorisation of residues that are not used by the forest-wood sector
· Local industrial, logistics and forestry jobs that cannot be relocated.
· Commercialisation to local stakeholders in the territory (heating networks, dedicated boiler rooms, industrial companies)

ABOUT Européenne de Biomasse

Européenne de Biomasse is an independent innovation and technology company founded in 2004. It has developed the unique edb-HPCI® technology, protected by 15 worldwide patents and various industrial secrets. Européenne de Biomasse continues the following strategy: the success of FICA-HPCI, the intensification of its R&D, the protection of its innovations and the creation of an HPCI® wood pellet industry. It is at the service of heat networks; industrial energy producers and consumers; and private individuals for their residential collective heating systems (pellet stoves and boilers). This strategy enables the development of new projects in France and abroad.



  • EcoRhéna Industrial park in Fessenheim
  • Production of 125 to 250,000 tons of HPCI®
  • 230 to 460,000 tons of CO2 emissions avoided (equivalent to 145 to 290,000 cars)
  • Investment from €50 to €90 million
  • 200 to 300 jobs during construction
  • 350 to 700 permanent jobs
  • Implementation is planned for 2023-2024

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