Bio Attitude: specialist in ecological detergents

Philippe MATHALY

“Bio Attitude displays formulations containing between 97 and 100% natural ingredients! “

success stories, photo de Philippe MATHALY

RITTMO: at the service of sustainable agriculture


“The creation of RITTMO was based on two observations: on the one hand a depletion of soil organic matter due to cultivation practices; on the other hand an increase in organic waste that could prove interesting for soil and crop fertilization.”

success stories, photo de Laure THEVENIN-METZGER

SALVECO Laboratory: disinfection, hygiene and cleaning products made with healthy chemistry


“We have filed numerous patents, developed complete ranges of disinfection, hygiene and cleaning products, and we were the first to develop eco-labeled and then eco-certified detergents.”

success stories de Frédéric BOURGAUD

Plant Advanced Technologies: from “plant milking” technology to the creation of an innovative company


“PAT was created in 2005 based on an exclusive global licence for the ‘plant milking’ technology. It is a breakthrough technology for accessing active plant extracts located in small roots. We have recently signed an exclusive and global distribution agreement with the Swiss group Clariant, a major operator in the field of specialty chemicals.”


NatExplore: a young innovative company that develops original methods dedicated to the rapid and detailed characterization of the composition of natural resources


“Our business is connected to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, nutraceutical, agricultural and other sectors that value raw materials, ingredients and actives of natural origin.”


Green chemistry: METabolic EXplorer is becoming an industrial and commercial company


“I founded METEX based on the idea that fermentation could provide an alternative industrial response to production systems based on the exploitation of fossil resources, for an alternative and more sustainable solution for the production of everyday objects. The construction and operation of a PDO and BA production plant in the department of Moselle is a milestone in the history of METEX, which is now becoming an industrial and commercial company.”

success stories, photo de Christophe CLÉMENT

The SOPREMA group is committed to the construction of environmentally friendly buildings


“With support from the Grand Est region and the ERDF, we are developing a SOPREMA expertise centre for biobased insulation materials, based in Golbey in the department of Vosges. While having our roots in the Alsace and further afield in France, it is our goal to become the global market leader in sustainable construction.”

success stories, photo de Nicolas SORDET

Bioeconomy: the research federation SFR Condorcet is seeking European recognition

Christophe CLÉMENT

“In the medium term, the objective is to become a European benchmark in the bioeconomy. SFR Condorcet is therefore currently working on establishing a network of international university partners in Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg.”

success stories, photo de Philippe ROBIN

The new production site in Afyren in the department of Moselle will create 60 jobs by 2021

Nicolas SORDET

“AFYREN NEOXY, the first production site born out of AFYREN’s technology and know-how, is based at the CHEMESIS platform of Carling Saint-Avold and will create around 60 jobs in the Grand Est region.”

success stories, photo de Nicolas SORDETsuccess stories, photo de Philippe MATHALY