Bio Attitude: specialist in ecological detergents



At the end of the 2000s, Philippe Mathaly founded his company Bio Attitude, specialised in detergents and hygienic, ecological and efficient products.



When and how did the BIO ATTITUDE story begin ?

Twenty years ago, Philippe Mathaly, PhD in biochemistry, was deputy general manager at A.R.D (Pomacle Bazancourt) in charge of a European programme on the development of new surfactants, “washing molecules extracted from co-products of agriculture or the food industry.” Patents have been filed for these innovative molecules and Philippe Mathaly sees an opportunity: “Ecological cleaning products had good environmental characteristics, but their effectiveness was not always there…” With the agreement and participation of A.R.D. shareholders, he founded Bio Attitude in 2000 “to formulate, manufacture and market ecological and efficient washing agents and hygiene products.”

Bio Attitude now offers a wide range of recognised and certified professional detergents. “We work within the framework of the most demanding specifications: Ecocert Greenlife. We are only allowed to use 100% natural surfactants and we are obliged to mention the exact composition of our products. “Bio Attitude displays formulations containing between 97 and 100% natural ingredients! 

A full range of detergents

Végénet, the company’s first commercial success, was designed to eliminate traces of herbicides in agricultural and vineyard sprayers. “Independent tests have proven the effectiveness of our product. We are now the leader in France“, the entrepreneur is pleased to say. “The idea was to offer farmers efficient and eco-certified detergents produced from their raw materials.”

Bio Attitude products are also present in the automotive sector, “we offer a wide range of bodywork shampoos, products to clean rims, tyres, fabrics… We produce water-free cleaners that only require 150 ml instead of the 150 litres usually needed to clean a car. ” Bio Attitude is the exclusive supplier of large car rental companies such as Europcar for the cleaning of their vehicles. Bio Attitude also produces the ecological range of a famous brand of consumer car detergents.

“We are also on the professional hygiene market and supply cleaning companies and local authorities with disinfectants, cleaners, degreasers…”.

Bio Attitude is now developing a range of solvents because “the demand is increasingly strong for products without volatile organic compounds, with low flammability… Even if our solvents are not all eco-certified, they remain much more ecological than their competitors.”

And Philippe Mathaly concludes: “We find our place in very competitive markets thanks to our expertise.”

success stories, photo de Philippe MATHALYStephan AUBERGER