SALVECO Laboratory: disinfection, hygiene and cleaning products made with healthy chemistry


SALVECO Laboratory

Created in 1994, the SALVECO laboratory develops formulations of natural origin using exclusively renewable and biodegradable substances from vegetable. The purpose is to offer products without toxicity for humans and the environment.

success stories, photo de Laure THEVENIN-METZGER


Stephan AUBERGER, Managing Director and Director of Innovation of SALVECO

When and how did the history of the SALVECO laboratory begin?

Stephan Auberger remembers what motivated his scientific commitment: “Coming from the Vosges, I was passionate about nature and had noticed a worrying disappearance of frogs croaking… I was convinced that this decline was because of the pollution of our environment and the discharge of chemical products linked to human activities.”

This is the reason why the young student embarked on a doctorate in organic chemistry, with one purpose:“to develop formulations exclusively from plant chemistry, based on the principle that a 100% biodegradable product is a healthy product, without danger for humans or the environment. This is how my father and I created Salveco in 1994.”

Since then, the pioneering plant-based chemistry company has come a long way. “We have filed numerous patents, developed complete ranges of disinfection, hygiene and cleaning products, and we were the first to develop eco-labeled and then eco-certified detergents. We offer disinfectants that are as effective as bleach, with tests to back them up, but less dangerous. Our products do not carry any toxicity pictograms. It is possible to drink a liter of our disinfectants without getting sick. However, I do not guarantee an unforgettable taste experience… “

A proven safety

The SALVECO laboratory dedicates a third of its staff to the research and development of innovative solutions (engineers, doctors in chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry, environmental toxicology, etc.) and systematically has the safety of its products proven through tests carried out by independent laboratories that are experts in health and the environment (OECD-type toxicity tests, dermatological tests, biodegradability tests, etc.)

Salveco recently launched its new range of disinfection, hygiene and cleaning products for home: “Our OSANIS range concentrates the best of Salveco’s technology available to general public. We want to offer an effective, healthy and affordable alternative to the polluting and toxic products that most consumers still use.”

Finally, the company and thé Socomore group got into a partnership, on January 26, to create the European leader in disinfection and hygiene products based on 100% healthy chemistry.