RITTMO: at the service of sustainable agriculture



A private development and research centre created in 2001, RITTMO designs innovative solutions to encourage the return of organic matter to the soil and support the development of sustainable agriculture.

success stories, photo de Philippe MATHALY



When and how did the RITTMO story begin ?

“The creation of RITTMO was based on two observations: on the one hand a depletion of soil organic matter due to cultivation practices; on the other hand an increase in organic waste that could prove interesting for soil and crop fertilization.” recalls Laure Thévenin-Metzger, director of RITTMO. If today the principles of circular economy, of bio-economy have become almost self-evident, “at the time we were considered to be a bunch of fools who wanted to add value to the by-products of agriculture and industry…. »

Since then, the context has changed. Agriculture is subject to a double injunction: to produce more and more to feed a constantly growing population; and to reduce its environmental impact in order to propose a sustainable eco-responsible model. “At RITTMO, we see this as an opportunity for the agricultural world to better manage the soil, to enrich it with organic matter and to open up a new way of production that consumes less fossil resources through the use of innovative fertilisers derived from biomass. »  

An outsourced R&D service for industrialists

Associated with the university world and major research centres (INRA, CNRS…), RITTMO develops new biomass transformation processes and elaborates new formulations of fertilisers, inputs, biostimulants ” that we then propose to industrialists in search of new processes and new products to market. »

As an outsourced R&D centre for industrialists, RITTMO assists them at all stages of the implementation of these new processes “particularly on the aspects of marketing regulations” continues Laure Thévenin Metzger “We have a detailed knowledge of these regulations: we work with the ministries, with the European standardisation committees that draw up the standards for the fertiliser characterisation methods that will be used in the application regulations. »

RITTMO also offers tailor-made training courses to meet the needs of these customers. “We adapt to the needs. Our aim is to offer innovations, solutions, advice and information to the fertiliser industry so that agriculture can become more efficient while reducing its impact on the environment” concludes Laure Thévenin-Metzger.

success stories, photo de Philippe ROBIN