The SOPREMA group is committed to the construction of environmentally friendly buildings



An independent family-run group since its founding in 1908, SOPREMA is one of the leading companies worldwide in the waterproofing sector, also specialising in roofing, soundproofing and insulation. Strongly focused on Sustainable Development, its R&D policy is designed to minimise its environmental impact by using renewable resources in production and at the heart of its plants. SOPREMA notably has an expertise centre for biobased insulation materials in Golbey, in the department of Vosges.

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Rémi PERRIN, R&D Director at SOPREMA

When and how did the SOPREMA story begin?

Founded in 1908, SOPREMA is an independent family-owned company. Exploiting its core expertise, namely the production and installation of waterproofing products, SOPREMA has diversified into new markets (roof planting, photovoltaic roofing, liquid waterproofing, natural insulation, civil engineering systems, etc.) and has integrated complementary activities such as smoke extraction, metal frame structures and traditional roofing.

What are the milestones and major projects that have accompanied the growth of your company?

SOPREMA history is marked by three major milestones:

1908: the founding of the company in Strasbourg under the name Usines Alsaciennes d’Emulsions, focusing on the production of liquid and paste waterproofing products based on natural asphalt and coal pitch.

1909: Charles GEISEN looks for a material that is impermeable, flexible and easy to install. He finds the solution by soaking jute fabric in hot bitumen. The result: a covering that is both lightweight and robust. The Mammouth® is born.

1941: the birth of SOPREMA. Pierre GEISEN establishes a new plant in Avignon, founding the company Société des Produits et Revêtements d’Étanchéité Mammouth (SOPREMA).

How has the Grand Est region supported you?

The Grand Est region helps us to structure our local R&D activities. Through its support and the aid received from the ERDF, we are developing the SOPREMA expertise centre for biobased insulation materials, located in Golbey in the department of Vosges.

What are your development plans for the future?

While having our roots in the Alsace region and further afield in France, it is our goal to become the global market leader in sustainable construction. We are seeking to actively contribute to combating climate change through all the proactive and tangible initiatives we implement.

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